You can commission an artist to do a custom and personal painting.  We set up an
appointment for you to meet and speak with the artist and discuss the project and
options.  Many times we get requests for surprise gifts for special occasions,
portraits of loved ones , homes, and memorable places- we get very excited and
involved with our clients and are thrilled to be participating in these personal

In most cases the artist will produce a painting according to your agreed upon
specifics.  Our artists do not take art direction- they are professionals that will
produce a piece of art that is acceptable according to their own high standards and
in some cases will offer you the right of first acceptance or refusal.  This will give
the artist the freedom to create a beautiful painting according to their own
sensitivities and creative process.  

We have produced commissioned paintings for many occasions- if you are thinking
of requesting a commissioned piece of art and you have questions about how it is
done please call and we will answer any questions and guide you through the
process.  We are experienced and will work with first time clients as well as
seasoned collectors.
Contact Kathryn to set up an appointment for
a consultation including the artist.
Leila Bakashvili
Dot Bunn
Ellen Hall
Dottie Hoeschen
Roy Reinard
The Artists
Bucks County Impressionist    Modern Impressionist    New Hope Impressionist
Farm House on Indian Creek Road   Commission by Dot
Churchville Reservoir by Kit Dalton