Kathryn Spencer

Kathryn Spencer Biography

Fine artist, Kathryn Spencer’s
first attempt at drawing began
Bambi on his television show.
During her high school years she
took every art class she could
sandwich into her Clerical Course
of study. A “Draw Me” ad in a
magazine led Kathy to a
correspondence course, “The
Famous Artists”.  This three year
course of study contributed to her
excellent drawing skills.

Her first professional assignment
was the commission to paint 10 in-
house posters for the opening of a
Savings and Loan branch.

Living in Bucks County with her
husband and two boys she enrolled
at Tyler School of Art in Elkins
Park studying Watercolor and
Intensive Life Drawing. Then
Kathy attended open studio
sessions at Bucks County
Community College.

Fascinated with impressionism,
Kathy read all the books she could
find on the subject and attended
museums featuring
impressionism. She copied Renoir’
s “After the Bath” and a few other
artist’s paintings to learn their

Her professional career was in the
graphic arts of publishing and
advertising. At retirement Kathy
moved back to Philadelphia, her
birth place. Today, she enters her
paintings and prints of Bucks
County historical houses, the New
Jersey Shore and flowers in craft
and art shows. She accepts
commissioned art.
Bucks County Impressionist    Modern Impressionist    New Hope Impressionist
Bensalem Stables   Watercolor  13.5 x 20   
Hibbs House   watercolor   14 x 20  
Playwickie Park Bridge  Oil on Canvas 18 x 24
Tyler Park  Oil on Canvas  16 x 20
Bristol Gazebo  Oil on canvas  16 x 20