About Leila

"Thank you for your kind gesture and good wishes. ... All
the best to you and your family."  George W. Bush,
President of the United States of America

"Thank your for your beautiful artwork which was
presented to me while I was visiting the United States."  Ilia
II, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, President of the
World Council of Churches (1979 - 1983)

"... An exquisite paper mosaic ... a beautiful painting - Three
Flowers by Leila Bakashvili."  Rainier III, Prince of Monaco,
Duke of Valentinois

"With our hearts we thank you for this most beautiful
painting of our beloved Archbishop Herman."  The Clergy of
the Diocese of Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania
(Orthodox Church in America)

"Leila Bakashvili is a very gifted artist with a very individual
style. It is always a pleasure for me to talk about Leila's
unusual talent."  Robert Chocheli, Professor, Institute of
Architecture, Georgian Technical University

"She is a very dedicated and accomplished artist and I am
very pleased to be handling her work."  Elva Bursca,
Lambertville Gallery of Fine Arts

"Here is a unique artist. Leila Bakashvili uses special
instruments to place tiny pieces of paper on a board in order
to create portraits, flowers, and landscapes. She has
invented the magic world of the paper mosaic and developed
art in a novel way."  Droni (newspaper), Tbilisi, Georgia,
109/501, November 22-25, 1997

"Her work is very unusual and full of her spirit."  Lisa Leleu,
The Leleu Gallery, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

"Leila's work, 'Riding Home', is evidence of her great talent.
This picture shows her ability and the potential of the paper
mosaic as an art form."  Merani (newspaper), Tbilisi,
Georgia, 26/69, 1997

"Leila Bakashvili is a very gifted artist. Her fine art works, oil
paintings, and mosaics made of delicate multi-colored paper
are all of the highest aesthetic quality."  V. Rev. Theodore
Heckman and the members of St. Mark's Church,
Wrightstown, Pennsylvania

"We believe that the name of Leila Bakashvili will join the
names of other Georgians who have made our country
famous around the world."  Alia (newspaper), Tbilisi,
Georgia, May 18, 1998

"L. Bakashvili gives to her paper mosaics depth of
composition and an unusual combination of colors. Her art
work is filled with individualism."  N. Papuashvili, Art Expert

"Bakashvili is both an outstanding classical artist and a
creator of wonderful paper mosaics."  The Doylestown
Patriot, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, August 6, 1998

"She has a great future!"  Merani (newspaper), Tbilisi,
Georgia, December 1998

"We are both so honored and so grateful for your portrait of
our son, Coleman. It is a beautiful painting which we love."  
Laura and Richard Snyder

"Her oils on canvas, including still lifes and portraits, have
[a] luminous quality."  New Hope Gazette, New Hope,
Pennsylvania, June 22, 2000

"Her works include tiles created from bits of colored paper,
producing brilliant, light-shot compositions as well as oils on
canvas, still lifes and portraits."  The Intelligencer Record,
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, July 16, 2000

Upcoming Exhibitions

2008- Spring Solo Exhibition, Prague Czech Republic

Recent exhibitions in the US

2007- Summer Exhibition, Riverside Fine Art Gallery,
Lambertville, New Jersey
2007- Solo Exhibition organized by the Embassy of the
Republic of Georgia in UK. 4 Russell Gardens, London W
148 EZ UK
2007- Solo Exhibition, Dada Gallery 116 N. Third Street,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2006 - Fall Exhibition, Village Artworks Gallery, Lahaska,
2006- Spring Exhibition, Haas Muth Gallery, New Hope,
2006- Spring Exhibition, Village Artworks Gallery, Lahaska,
2005 - Fall Exhibition, Village Artworks Gallery, Lahaska,
2005 - Spring Exhibition, Village Artworks Gallery, Lahaska,
2003 - Solo Exhibition, Full Moon Creations Exhibition Hall,
Doylestown, Pennsylvania
2001 - Exhibition of Georgian Culture and Art, Beadleston
Gallery, 724 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York
2000/2001 - Still Life Show, Agora Gallery, Soho, New
York, New York
2000 - Mostly Flowers, Solo Exhibition, Lambertville, New
2000 - Cafe Gallery, Stockton, New Jersey
1999/2000 - Millennium Night Art Exhibition, Bucks County
Court House Exhibition Hall, Doylestown, Pennsylvania
1999 - Exhibition, Riverbank Gallery, Stockton, New Jersey
1998 - Solo Exhibition, Celtic Cross Hall, Presbyterian
Church, Doylestown, Pennsylvania
1998 - Solo Exhibition, St. Mark's Orthodox Church,
Wrightstown, Pennsylvania
1997 - Exhibition, Leleu Gallery, Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Leila Bakashvili
Bucks County Impressionist    Modern Impressionist    New Hope Impressionist


The late world renowned artist
and owner of
Leila Bakashvili Gallery in Lambertville , New Jersey

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