Heart of Oak Pub in
Check out the
newly hung exhibit by
Bucks County Fine
Arts Gallery.  

2559 Bogarts Tavern Rd,
Buckingham, PA 18912
Phone:(215) 874-8305
Cozy corner- Lynne Whitsel with fellow
artist from the Ivyland Group.
Patrons of the Pub enjoy a view of
painting by Dot Bunn.
Across the room from the far end of the
Tony talks to his patrons and hears
raving reviews of the new exhibit!
Bucks County Impressionist    Modern Impressionist    New Hope Impressionist

The Overlook was formerly the studio/gallery of Kit Dalton, located in Jim Thorpe,
Pennsylvania.  Kit and her husband are pleased to have returned to Bucks County where
they now happily reside among close friends and family.  The Overlook is now closed.  

Tubby Olive in Doylestown features local artists of Bucks County and
nearby communities
Art is on display at the Tubby Olive on a rotating basis featuring local artists from
novice to professional.
The Tubby Olive, 6 West State Street, Doylestown, Pennsylvania  18901